Jesper Quistgaard

Jesper Quistgaard

Jesper Quistgaard

Creative director & director

Jesper is the founder of Goodwill. He is our creative director as well as a director educated from 18Frames.

He has a special ability to see things from new angles – and angle it up anew – he really never sees limitations, only new possibilities.

Jesper is an award-winning director, having directed (amongst others) Bonaparte and The Referee – both winning the Audience Award at Odense International Film Festival.

Currently he’s working on something… Well, just his first feature film.

Naturally, Jesper has directed a couple of a biggest commercials as well for costumers such as Lidl and Universal Robots.

Jesper always hums. It’s not in tune, it’s not sounding great, but somehow it’s quite nice anyway.

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