Asbjørn Kiel

Asbjørn Kiel

Asbjørn Kiel

Director of photography

Asbjørn worked on his first feature film when he was just 13, and he continues practicing and perfecting his craft.

Asbjørn doubles as both director of photography and gaffer. He previously shed light on productions such as the short films Ukrudt, Drømmen om Frihed, and Skilleveien.

As a director of photography, Asbjørn pointed the lens at award-winning productions such as Insta-værdig and the Goodwill production Fucked.

Asbjørn is Head of Technology at Goodwill, meaning he’s in charge of buying new equipment and keeping the stache intact and in shape. If you’re ever hungry for a good portion of film technical knowledge, just throw Asbjørn a key word or two and sit tight.

Asbjørn is a certified drone pilot and our primary colorist.

One of the productions Asbjørn were the most excited about doing was the short films for Museum Vestsjælland. He was doing period pieces for the first time, and naturally he excelled. See for your self here

When you wanna throw a party, you wanna throw Asbjørn in the mix! For some reason he always maxes out on sound, lighting and smoke machines, whenever we call it partytime.  

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