A sprouting city: Medicinal Cannabis

A hub for who?

Who, what?

Odense is really just in eternal development. We previously meet Claes Bang and the booming robotics industry, but there are even more hubs with giant potential and in growth in Odense. Invest in Odense knows that, so they wanted a film about the medicinal cannabis industry which really found a solid place to roam in Odense.

And it should do what?

The movie definitely needed to be B2B, so everybody in the same industry could understand what is so unique about Odense and medicinal cannabis. They should want to move here, invest, be a part of it. We have the entire value chain here, laboratories, research, green houses. And on top of that, we’re backed politically. And of course, also graze the prejudice surrounding the industry.

The recipe, please?

If you get a great team, maybe like Peter and Asbjørn, you’re of to a great start. Add abit of the wonderful collaboration with Invest in Odense, giving us access to every thinkable value chain location and key speakers within the industry. Spice it up with longingly beautiful drone footage, elegantly staged sit-down interviews, and a graphic twist to highlight all of the most important points. Nice, right?

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Special kudos to


Peter Bjerre Salling


Peter Bjerre Salling


Ann-Katrine Schøne Hansen


Asbjørn Kiel
Phillip Alexander Andersen


Peter Bjerre Salling


Asbjørn Kiel