Goodwill Post

Our purpose

The purpose of Goodwill Post is to provide and assist production companies with the post-production on commercials, feature films, and television series.

Even though we’re deeply rooted in the heart of Funen, we have a global view concerning collaborations and creative ambitions.
Our approach to a collaboration on a project’s post-production is dictated by flexibility and security of supply.  

Just below, you can read about the services that we provide, and how we’ll go about it.  

We provide

Pre-production: planning

Our post producer keeps the deadlines in check, plans meeting, and has the calculating, calming oversight of the entire project. Our post producer is complimented by our Head of Post that develops the technical procedure based on your needs – and a dialogue about the actual possibilities.
VFX will be scheduled accordingly, so you’re able to include a VFX supervisor to your set if needed. When the director of photography has joined the project, we develop the look of the film collaboratively.

 DIT: backups, QC, dailies

The DIT secures a safe backup of the footage, QC, dailies, and offline editing files. Our DIT works concurrently with the production. As you do.

Editing suite with assistant editor and technical assistant + remote solution

We offer editing suites and assistant editors at our office in Odense. You can also chose a remote solution – whatever fits you the very best. Our main priority is that the editor and assistant editors work out the best possible process based on the editor’s needs.  


We do onlining where we recreate effects and upgrade the quality to the desired. We recreate the editor’s timeline and get everything ready for grade and VFX.


At Goodwill Post, we wish to be a part of the project from the start and to be a creativeand technical collaborative with a technical approach to the creative challenges. We offer everything from CGI robots and dragons (through a collaboration) to the removing of a sneaky boom pole. Every project faces different challenges, and our approach to the task at hand is first and foremost focused on finding the solutions.  

Color grading/mastering for cinema, streaming, and television

In the final steps of post-production, we finish the final touches of the picture. We gather all the different parts of the projects and delivers through and through finished products in all the right formats for the chosen channels.

Sometimes it takes multiple years to get to this stage, and we’re more than happy to help get the project across the finish line and complete your vision.  

Virgil Kastrup

Head of Post, senior colorist
& VFX supervisor

Timo Dziallas

Assistant editor & DIT