Pernille Kjærgaard Kjær

Pernille Kjærgaard Kjær

Pernille Kjærgaard Kjær


For Pernille, the focus is always on the people. The people in the films created, that the ones watching get something out of it. Humanity at the center, actually.

Pernille has a Master of Arts in Media Studies from the University of Southern Denmark.

Pernille really enjoys collaborations with museums and aims her focus at creating a history-based narrative that's able to be entertaining without squashing the factual focus. You can catch one of those beneath this text.

Pernille did quite the hattrick when she was scriptwriter, director, and editor on our campaign for Blue Cross. The campaign had the theme “Raise the age limit” to start a discussion about when children are able to purchase alcohol. She created more party and less alcohol in three fine films that never became moralizing and functioned only as a conversation starter.

And then she’s quite fond of the story about Rasmus. She loves to make films where you can truly feel those taking part of the movies – and that they feel safe enough to share even though it’s tough.

She’s so effectuated with ABBA, she wishes she could patent “Voulez-vous (aha)” - we all do, really.

She actually loves ABBA so much that she somehow convinced everybody that we have to listen to ABBA every friday morning, when we meet for breakfast at the office.

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