Lisa Svelmøe

Lisa Svelmøe

Lisa Svelmøe

Director & scriptwriter

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in Digital Film from the SAE Institute London and graduated from 18Frames as a director.

Lisa directed a number of short films (Nødsporet, Nede Under Overfladen, For det Fælles Bedste, Ude i Skoven) with Angel being the latest. It debuted on Odense International Film Festival.

Lisa was 1st AD on the feature film Victim of Love and wrote the script for Fugleflugt – a Goodwill production currently in the making.

One of Lisa’s favorite projects has been the collaboration with Danmarks Forsorgsmuseum. She directed seven historical short films for an exhibition under the name Syv Fattige Børn. There were an insane amount of child actors and extras to help to truly translate the feelings connected to the story of being abandoned and being a poor child.

Lisa also directed a music video for the Danish band Moses: Andreas in 2016 – catch it right here

She once sewed seven biker vests for a bachelorette party.

One of the finest sentences she ever uttered is this:

Even though you’re small, you’re heart can still be grand.

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