Jonas Robstad

Jonas Robstad

Jonas Robstad

Director & scriptwriter

For Jonas, film is truly a unique media when it comes to the reflection of feelings - and the hardest thing in the world is to talk about how you actually feel. If Jonas can create an understanding for how other people are feeling through film, it will indeed be very beautiful. He tackles that task with tragic humor through abstract formats: You have to depict the feelings correct, but through comedy, it somehow becomes easier to access those emotions.

Jonas really, really truly likes to walk. It’s our belief that he currently has walked more than Forrest Gump did his entire life. Preferably, he walks around the sound of some sort of fantasy universe.

He is a director, co-director and scriptwriter.

Jonas has multiple projects in development at the moment. We’re looking at a short film about anxiety and a mockumentary series set in the world of larping.  

The last time Jonas’ mix of dark and oh-so-twisted humor mixed with endless amounts of warmth hit the big screen, it was with the short film Highstakes and Hotdogs (A direct translation of the Danish title would be Sausages in moonlight. See what we mean?)

One of the best projects in the Goodwill field was the short music spots for the up-and-coming artist Junior Brown. Hinting at a greater narrative in a very short film while and aligning the music itself with the moving picture. Sing along here. Jonas really likes working with theatres as well - it's quite the scene for exploring humor in an abstract format. Catch one of those beneath.

Jonas is a sponge on set. A stress sponge. He just seems to absorb all the stress and turn it into a nice warm hug of calmness.

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