Jonas Legarth

Jonas Legarth

Jonas Legarth

Still photographer

Jonas loves ABBA. Their new music too.

Jonas is Goodwill's award-winning still photographer, complementing our films with photographs to complete the package.

During lockdown #1 (we had two in Denmark), his greatest achievement was to photoshop wierd beards onto his coworker's pictures on the website. We keep them hidden in a safe place.

Hand Jonas a camera, and he'll flex his comprehensive skillset: He does portraits, landscapes, event, product photography. Basicly, you name it, he'll capture it.

On a specially wierd and wonderful day in August, Joseph Gordon-Lewitt (you know, the american actor from not-a-big-deal films such as Inception and The Dark Night Rises) suddenly shared one of Jonas' pictures on Facebook.

Jonas really loves the great green nature and dresses like his always ready for a hike.

His picture of the wild horses of Langeland won a photo competition with a focus on the Danish nature by DR - you can follow his snapping and clicking right here on his website.

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