Anders Quistgaard

Anders Quistgaard

Anders Quistgaard

Shooting director

Anders has been at Goodwill for the third longest time – only surpassed by the bosses.

He has a bachelor's degree in Media Studies where he met our sales manager, Frederik. Together they develop nicknames for the entire office.

Anders' first ever stint as a director (like seven years ago) ended up being sold to Blue Cross. They actually still use the film to this day.

That production opened Anders' eyes to how effective and satisfying the short advertising format can communicate a message, laying the grounds for all of his work as a shooting director today.

Anders truly loves the commercial side of things, and the most important thing for him in his commercial filmmaking is to tell relatable, close-to-the-heart stories focused on the people in the piece with a clear message shaped and formed after the selected target group.

Anders is naturally in charge of updating and fixing our endless computer collection. He made all of us so dependent and extraordinarily happy for our two-screen-systems (administration) and curved giant screens (the production) that we, whether we like it or not, have capitulated to digitalized capitalism.

Has for some inscrutable reason spent his sabbatical year picking bananas in Australia.

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