The world's leading robotics city?

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So, the brief was?

The city of Odense is truly a city in development, and behind a lot of the greatest initiatives is Invest In Odense. They asked us to create a movie about Odense’s fast-developing robotics industry positioning Odense as a city of robotics and speaking to an international marked with an aim to recruit and draw in investors. But most of all, they wanted a branding movie who celebrated the narrative of Odense’s journey into robotics.  

Hey, I know that one! And a seamless connection

And how do you show such a development? How do you depict an entire city that is finally ready to heist a giant ROBOCITY-flag on the international market after many years of insanely hard work?  

In Odense – The best robotic city in the world?, Goodwill matches archive, articles and an informative speak which seamlessly connect the past with the present and interviews with the biggest hot shots in the industry. To add an extra layer of production value and recognizability, we hired Claes Bang (Count Dracula, yes?) to do the voice-over. If you don’t know him, his voice is really soothing and powerful at the same time, so either way it works.  

Even more movies, yes please

We’ve produced a number of movies for Invest in Odense, pivoting around Odense and the industries it holds – and the city itself. Stay tuned for medicinal cannabis and a city you thought you knew!

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