Lilac Hawaii Budgie

A translation of loss

The ways of work

The trailer for the play Syren Hawaii Undulat was composed simultaneously with the play itself. A play about being a relative to someone with dementia. The play’s director, Sophie Villsen, gave us references such as The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland and fed us with information, development of props, abstract state of minds, and symbols throughout the process. It was a symbiotic collaboration were Goodwill entered the role as the cinematic, visual interpreter.

Symbol translator

When it came to the translation of feeling powerless, quite as you do when your loved one becomes less and less of the one you love, we interpreted it through the symbol of sand slithering through the fingers, impossible to hold on to.

We needed to portray the decay of a mind diagnosed with dementia too. We chose to highlight it through our choice of location and the production design: The disease’s destruction is shown in the abandoned house: overgrown, overtaken by nature, wrapped in warm colors signaling another kind of fairytale. Another kind of journey. A wrecked home. An empty mind.

The key of continous perception

The trailer is a journey of representation. At first glance, it may just function as something enchanting, interesting. At the second glance, it might reveal a little bit more. After watching the play, you might understand the references, use of props, and symbols even better or just a little bit. It is another kind of journey.

We also produced a trailer for another theatrical performance, Dr. Möllers Musikalske Medicinshow, but this time the words of reference was decay, depravation, SHOWTIME. Take a look at Dr. Möllers increasing madness here.

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