In art, we recognize life

Mirror, mirror in the movie

Aaand the brief was?

Odense Teater was looking for a new look pivoting around the old slogan: In art we recognize life. We built the entire shebang around a photo of a man looking into a mirror with art starring very intensely straight back at him. The job was to make the photo come to life.  

From photo to film

Once you say THAT PHOTO, the most important prop of the film becomes a mirror, and the most important aspect of the film becomes to create a reflection. Translating the mirror aspect perfectly. A perfect reflection, so to speak. Thus, suspending and heisting became key elements of the production to trick the viewer and convey exactly how it feels to be a part of the arts.  

All of the lights

We had a great collaboration with the theatre’s stagehands when it came to the lightning of the film. Knowing how to flick the switch on the already existing amperes made the light quite the asset. It advances the structure of the film and creates an extra dynamic and dramatic backdrop when the man and the art is out of sync – and a softer, welcoming background when the man (or you? Yes?) finally understands that it’s in the arts we recognize life.  

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Peter Bjerre Salling


Peter Bjerre Salling


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Peter Bjerre Salling


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