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Goodwill produced a big campaign for Dansk Center for Organdonation (The Danish Center for Organ Donation), consisting of teaching materials as well as an information campaign where the movie in question is featured.

To campaign objectively

In the movie we meet a priest, Christian Busch, an imam, Naveed Baig, and a bio ethicist, Mickey Gjerris. They each talk about how Christianity, Islam, and ethics relate to organ donation. The keywords of the movie were objectivity, making it possible for the viewer to participate in the discussion and decide on the matter on a well-informed foundation.

To ensure the objectivity and neutrality, we shared the screentime between the three interviewees – everyone is equally important. It was a conscious choice not to make them have a shared conversion. Thus, instead of talking against each other, they supplement one another.

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Pernille Kjærgaard Kjær


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