A city you thought you knew

Zing-zang-snappy transitions

When a city you though you knew is to be shown off, you have to find some methods, you never even heard of.

Odense is – yes, still, continuously and constantly developing. International journals highlight our little-not-so-little town. The cultural scene in Odense is based on a worldclass cultural heritage – and ever since then has been growing wildly and thoroughly. A green, grand city with growing up rapidly. A really great idea for a weekend a away with all of the best things. So. What to do?

The sound of Odense. Maybe.

We kicked of the project by wanting to find the sound of Odense. The trickling sound ofthe creek, dividing ice cream-munching park guests across the city. The buzzling sounds of the small cafes and the gaps of the hidden streets, sizzling in the shadow of the immense amount of half-timbering. But you know…. Most people watch these things without the sound.

Juust the right cut

So we show everything with a definite show don’t tell approach where Goodwill’s thank-god-you’re-here editor, Timo, really found a special magic tool box of tips and tricks to create some cool transitions. The visual feel of the film becomes one with the city you thought you knew. More colors, sprinkles, crinkles. A wild growing Odense with a bow large enough to fit.  

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Special kudos to


Timo Dziallas


Timo Dziallas


Ann-Katrine Schøne Hansen
Anja Schmidt Jensen


Kristoffer Bak Nielsen
Phillip Alexander Andersen


Timo Dziallas