45 seconds of Funen

Breath in. Breath out. And hike!

We were to do what?

Visit Fyn wanted a destination movie to attract Deutsch and German hiking tourists to the Danish Isle of Funen. Secondarily, they wanted to cement Funen as an adventurous hiking destination in general.  

This movie is a great example of how a single movie can speak to a lot of different international markets with just one tinsy tiny trick:  

Make a movie with a heavy focus on the atmosphere – a mood trailer who grew up, and make sure nobody says anything. Let the pictures alone tell the story and pick out a few simple phrases that can be translated into every thinkable language.  

But it only lasts like 45 seconds?  

One of the most difficult things about the movie was the desired length. How do you cover the entire Isle of Funen in just 45, 30, 20 seconds? (Yes, we produced different versions.) Do you show hot-from-hiking cheeks, towering, majestic beeches in correlation with endless coastlines and cozy hotels? All in the course of a few blinks? Well, yes. But you also prioritize nature’s own music and crank up the sound design for a more efficient sensory experience for the viewer. The sound design and the omission of any background music intensifies the images; from the calm smiles to hiking path seen from above. Put the whole shebang together, and you get (according to the longest version) a 45 second feeling of pure vacation wonder on Funen.    

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Timo Dziallas


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Timo Dziallas


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