Daniel Rye - The Life After Syria

Finding something, finding home


Daniel Rye is a Danish photographer. A Danish photographer who was held hostage by the IS. When he finally came home, he somehow had to find a life again, and Abbi Moreno followed him around for six years through ups and downs, to Syria, Malawi, and at home where ever it happened to be.

Where we're at

The documentary meets Daniel shortly after his arrival back home. Abbi Moreno, the director, ran into Daniel at a night club. They talked, chatted, and Abbi found a story - not about dweling in the horrible things that happened but about finding a home when you've been gone for so long. He followed Daniel through building his own house. Instead of therapy, Daniel says. The rollercoaster of being famous for something horrific and soul-crushing. Doing talks, publishing a book. And for what?

Abbi and Daniel discusses the impact of other people's pain. The pain that Daniel left behind in his loved ones. Daniel's need not to give up on his job as a photographer. Daniel's quest for finding a home. Finding her. All weaved delicately together with the details of his days in Syria. Kindly discussing the never-ending trauma and the things you might do for love, Daniel Rye - The Life After Syria is a portrait of a homecoming, a realistic homecoming.

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Abbi Moreno
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