Ease into a feeling of familiarity and absolute certainty as our filmmakers translate your thoughts into more–than-just–a–movie movies

Welcome to Goodwill

Goodwill started in 2016.

It was one of two companies that Jesper Quistgaard and Abbi Moreno started together. The other company was called Instafilm

Art, fiction, documentaries, and longer formats were to rule in Goodwill, while commercial projects, commer-cials and case films were to rule in Instafilm. Instafilm quickly became the only thing Abbi and Jesper spent their time on. The company developed and more than 20 filmmakers and producers were employed. 

When Instafilm developed from making small, fast films to making large, international productions, at the same time as Goodwill received funding for the company's first feature film, the decision was made to shut down Instafilm and transfer everything to the Goodwill brand. 

Goodwill stands for international quality, with Funen humor and hygge.
We want to give back to our local origins, because our films live on the Funen-goodwill that everyone who makes films on Funen experiences.
We appreciate the cinematic virtues and would rather tell a good humane story than something full of products and platitudes.

At Goodwill, we thrive on goodwill. Our goodwill seeps through pre to post and even before the pre-production begins. First and foremost, we need to figure out what story you need to tell based on your (new?) core values.
Your core narrative.

We have creative, caring movie making-mindsets which furthers a collaboration creating value for you and for us. We carry out a production process based on thoughtfullness, giant buckets of ideas, and the skillset to bring them to big screen life no matter the scale of the tale to be told.

Goodwill produces curious, close-up documentaries; relevant, enticing fiction; and convincing, relatable commercials.
Everything is usually possible, when we’re behind the camera and creativity, care, and collaboration is at the center of it all.